The New Era of Participation

Session Description:

Understanding human behavior is the new currency of strategic genius—and it means that we have to retool our skill-sets as strategists to better understand how people consume life, not just brands.

It's not just about changing the definition of Account Planning as we know it, renaming what we do as Connections Planning, or learning how to employ digital strategy or develop social media expertise. It's all of the above, and it is born out of an "uber-strategic" approach that optimizes content creation and optimal content delivery. We call it "Participation Strategy," and it represents a new era of how to foster deeper levels of brand engagement among people.

This workshop will walk through a framework on how to develop participation strategy and evaluate cases of good vs. bad participation examples/develop participation strategies for a couple of cool brands.

Presented By:
Stephen Hahn Griffiths
, Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett