Stephen Hahn Griffiths

Originally from the UK, Stephen has over 20+ years of experience as a strategic thought leader and voyeur of human behavior. He got into the ad business after making a sharp U-turn from medicine to marketing—essentially making a switch from dissecting people to dissecting brands.

At Leo Burnett, he oversees the agency's 150+ person Strategy Group—including analytics, insight mining, participation planning and brand strategy—where he is responsible for leading the quest to yield behaviorally driven insight that fuels the engine of creativity.

Prior to joining Leo Burnett, he worked at Saatchi and Saatchi, Bates, Grace and Rothschild, Doner and Mullen, where he was accredited with inspiring critically acclaimed work for clients such as British Airways, Coca-Cola, Mazda, Blockbuster, Land Rover, Expedia Inc., Zappos, Jet Blue and Four Seasons.

His academic achievements include an Executive MBA from New York University—where he was also the lead singer of the NYU college rock band. He has since apologized for the latter.

In his spare time, Stephen is an avid soccer player and coach. He also loves to run long distance and is a veteran of several marathons and half-marathons. In 2007, he was quite possibly the first person to run the Boston Marathon while tweeting all the way.

Twitter Handle: @shahngriffiths