Mark Earls

Mark has been a planner for longer than some planners have been on this earth. He now writes and works independently under the banner of HERD Consulting. His main focus is human behavior and how to change it using insights from contemporary behavioral science.

Mark's work has won lots of awards, including "Best New Thinking" at MRS 2003, "Best Overall Paper" at the 2007 ESOMAR Congress in Berlin and the prestigious Emerald Insight Awards for top 50 in the world in management science articles in both 2004 and 2008.

His last book, "HERD," continues to win new fans: "like Malcolm Gladwell on speed" (the London Guardian). His next, "I'll Have What She's Having," a collaboration with Professors Alex Bentley and Mike O'Brien, is out this Fall.

In the last year, Mark has given keynotes in Rotterdam, Johannesburg, Capetown, Dublin, Amsterdam, Basel, Prague, New York, San Francisco, Leeds, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Bonn and of course, London, where he lives.

Twitter Handle: @herdmeister