Lean Planning

Session Description
The job of a start-up is to seek a viable business model that scales. The job of a Lean Start-Up is to do this with as little waste as possible. The job of the planner has been to develop a smart, inspiring, relevant and effective creative brief—and hand that off to creatives for execution. The job of a Lean Planner is to seek a viable campaign model that scales, with as little waste as possible, and to stay active throughout the process.

In this session, we're going to adapt parts of the Lean Start-Up toolkit to brand-level problem solving—customer development techniques (lean insight mining), business model generation (lean positioning), and the make/test/learn cycle (lean creative development and lean market research)—to develop smart, useful, engaging, and effective campaign models. We'll be open to any set of solutions—traditional, digital, social, mobile, service, or product. We'll pitch ideas, generate user stories, draw prototypes, and even get out of the building to test our hypotheses on real people.

Presented By:

Farrah Bostic, Founder and Creative Strategist, The Difference Engine