Laura Mignott

Laura Mignott is responsible for new business development, product development, marketing, strategy, execution and planning for DigitalFlashNYC clients.

Since co-founding DigitalFlashNYC, Laura and her co-founder have created one of the leading digital experience agencies in New York City, offering special, one-of-a-kind programs for leading brands including Tagged, SMAC & Pepsico. DigitalFlashNYC is built on relationships, risk taking, and the desire to shake up the marketing and advertising world with awesome strategy and technology, one unique project at a time. They combine everything they learned from their past careers to solve IT, whatever the challenge may be.

Prior to DigitalFlashNYC, Laura worked for mobile marketing firms Hipcricket and Gold Mobile. She worked extensively on Hispanic and multicultural mobile campaigns for Hipcricket. While at Gold Mobile, she created one of the first agency solutions divisions, specializing in developing and implementing white-label mobile solutions for advertising agencies.

She has spent the majority of her career working in interactive marketing, at some of the leading agencies in NYC, including G2 Interactive and She has over 10 years or experience managing and implementing the design and development of large-scale content sites for multifaceted interactive brands such as M&Ms, Campbells, Pepperidge Farm, Snickers, Ford, Pfizer and AT&T.

She holds a BA from New York University and holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Twitter Handle: @lmigno