John King

Spanning two tours of duty at Fallon over a period of 13 years, John is currently the Chief Communications Officer, emphasizing building ideas over buying messages. He sees the future belonging to generous brands—those that give as much as they take—and draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including sports. His marketing hero is the baseball promoter Bill Veeck.

He’s sipped Michelob Golden Light from the Stanley Cup. He loved being a part of launching The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. His “Just the Right Amount of Wrong” would be dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi followed by a trip to the Elvis-A-Rama Museum on Industrial Road. He recently went on a cleanse diet because his airplane seat was reclining by itself and blames Delta’s damn biscotti cookies.

John believes music, film, and politics do a far better job with communications than ad agencies, and he wants to be a part of changing that.