Inventing Creative Solutions

Session Description
It’s been said that planning will be “the new creative.”  But it hasn’t really happened yet.  Some obstacles come from within the planning tradition, itself.

Planners learn the craft of creating insightful setup decks, briefs and inspiration.  But they’re taught not to follow through into executable ideas so as to keep creative teams’ trust and protect their egos.

Now that clients are looking for ideas that reach people in inventive ways, additional skills are needed beyond art and copy.  Who is best poised to fill the big gap forming in agencies?  Strategists, that’s who.

But first they must change their tangible output from briefs and setup decks to bringing solutions to life in a way clients can buy. This requires bravery, more work and tools that aren’t in the old planning books.

We’ll present some practical approaches and let the room put them to practice in groups.

Presented By
Rob Perkins, Creative Director (and former planner)