Innovating from Within

Session Description:
DigitalFlashNYC will host an interactive panel with some of the leading minds in digital who are innovating within their organizations! These innovators are finding fantastic ways to be faster, more nimble and effectively disruptive...and their results speak for themselves: they're delivering great new campaigns, projects and services.

DigitalFlashNYC will also be partnering with OpenInvo to have a creative workshop after the panel, which will give attendees the opportunity to get their hands dirty and learn some easy tools for creative innovation.

Presented By:
Laura Mignott, Co-Founder/President, and Sara Walker-Santana, Co-Founder/President, DigitalFlashNYC

Tom Chernaik, CEO,
Gemma Craven, SVP, OgilvyPR
Andrea Harrison, Director, Digital Engagement, PepsiCo Beverages NA
Frank Pederson, CEO, LBi
Christy Tanner, EVP & General Manager,

Emily Lutzker, CEO, OpenInvo