Helen Chan

Helen is currently a Senior Planner on the Verizon Wireless business at R/GA. In the past, she has worked on a variety of different clients, ranging from B2B to retail. She started in marketing and advertising as an analyst, but found her real passion in uncovering strategic consumer insights. Helen comes from San Francisco and has recently moved to the Big Apple. In her free time, she heavily relies on her Google Maps and Foursquare to wander around the city, people watch, try new foods (latest exotic food was kangaroo), and find new bike paths. Through the help of Yelp, her foodie mission is to find the best bone marrow in the city.

Aside from advertising, Helen has had the pleasure of learning how to operate a hot dog stand. The most valuable lessons learned? Earning tips is hard, always know and remember your customers, and always push soda and chips.